Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things Instead

There are just so many times I thought about things I could be learning in life that will benefit me instead of reading topics about countless of subjects that may not benefit my soul. Unfortunately, I fell prey to the population of the college kids, worshiping the computer screen and Facebook on a daily basis. Do I like this? No, but it could certainly pay off, maybe not in this economy but in the next life.

I could be hearing anecdotes, experiences, paradoxes, etc. from the eclectic people who never shower, living from a backpack, enjoying that occasional acid, about how to steer the course through life with more ease. There is that 'fear' that I don't want to live like that. But what is it that really bugging me? I'm unemployed by choice, studying for school because it's an easy net to fall on. On rare occasions, I constantly worry that my 'life-at-the-moment' is permanent, and it'll never change. It is important to remember that days and weeks and months do not really exist. These things are illusionary; they are instruments of social mathematicians and scientists.

Instead of learning about the structure of genes and DNA molecules and the fundamental history of the Pantheon, with several essays stacking up, I'm learning the lyrics of 'What's Up' and dancing inside my head and writing what is important to remember in life. I doubt these library goers would appreciate the gesture if I broke out in a dance mode.

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