Friday, February 25, 2011


Automne/Hiver 1997-1998

'Hiroshima Chic'

Boy was I very excited to come across Rei Kawakubo's garments for Comme des Garçons. I rarely get a glimpse into her early archives since I have no way of locating them. Same goes for Maison Martin Margiela and Ann Demeulmeester. But voilà! I found them through hour and hours of scouring blogs and such history sites and so on.

Let's face it: we will never understand Kawakubo's intention or message, but from what we can draw is that she intends to exploit the idea that people shouldn't have to see beauty to understand beauty. It is seen in every waking life. That is one of the things I am fascinated with her. Her fears: "Suppose everyone like my collection and says, 'The show was great' and 'The clothes were beautiful,' then I become very uneasy. I would hate myself for having made something so easy to understand."

Friday, February 18, 2011

France's Dilemma

I seem to be lagging behind on such important engagements and other priorities these days, maybe I'm burnt out? I am very excited about the prospect of me going off to do an academic year abroad in Western Europe, but not sure which country I plan to study in. Surely, Spain and Italy are definitely the places that focus on art history, as well as studio art. I'm part Spanish and Italian, I'd fit in very well. But to narrow down the area I want to focus on is in German Expressionism or simply modernism; clearly Germany or Belgium are cut out for me.

Seeing that I'm minoring in French and I've learned a considerable amount of French the past couple months, and still learning, it is hard to not imagine myself in Montpelier, France, soaking up all the laid-back and chic lifestyle there. Guilt. But I'll come around to this huge discussion sometime in the fall semester, hoping to get in for the spring semester. It all depends on getting my GPA from 2.9 to a 3.5 for the myriad of scholarships and grants I could be rewarded.

Enough of that, I wanted to share some new sketches I made in the last couple days. Something very simple and clean, exemplifying the daily life.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I am very anticipated for fashion season now. New York City is today, and March 1st through the 9th is Paris.

Meanwhile, I drew a sketch of a 'vintage' compass in India ink of an idea that represents time and direction, something that emits my inner nomad personality. Something very subtle and simple. I fathom how easy it will take with the detailed lines and small characteristics of this drawing. We'll see how it looks when I go and shop around for artists.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

False Objects

untitled(warnings), collage, photography. 10" x 12". 2011.

untitled collage, photography. 10" x 12". 2011.

Exploration through natural and man-made materials, creating a harmonious collision that challenges the notion of our conformity.

Monday, February 7, 2011


'anywhere but here' collage, mixed media, Sharpie ink, newsprint, found imagery. 10" x 12". 2011.

'but how does it work?' collage, mixed media. 10" x 12", 2011.

A contrast between organic and non-organic subjects situate the landscape of a new collage/mixed style, focusing more on found imagery and ink as one heavy subject. Although the two subjects seem to be both of irrelevant ideas, as a collision they form an entire new meaning.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


As if sculptures take on a life of their own, in an odd way, Nick van Woert convinced me otherwise. Working from found sculptures, Woert adds his vision with polyurethane, plastic, and/or steel. Some of the material that is used seem a lot like chewing gum, and in some cases it is. It would've been a whole lot interesting if the entire bust could've resembled chewing gum texture. This is entirely new aesthetic to focus on dissembling found Classical sculptures and interpreting it in a modern vision with differentiating materials. Now I'm inspired. Check his work out!

Plaster bust and polyurethane plastic

Fiberglas bust, polyurethane plastic, steel

Poor Me
Marble impregnated resin bust and polyurethane plastic
35 x 39 x 14 in.

Home Economics
woold, polyurethane, carpet foam, steel, epoxy, sheetrock, silicone, bondo, iron impregnated glue, paint
31 x 41 x 66 inches

Sugar Free
Plaster bust, sugar free gum
7 x 6 x 11 inches