Thursday, March 24, 2011


It certainly feels like I went into hibernating for keeping everything up-to-date. I'm currently in the process of working a new template for my blog (or if I should go for a simple WordPress). Either way, I'm up to the max. I got to fill out my internship paper and concoct my best essay to the museum in hoping for an internship over the summer or fall semester. Even contemplating whether Florence or Barcelona would be the perfect spot to continue my Art History studies for the abroad semester. School has been busting me around the corner. That's one part.

On the other hand, I'm slowly, but surely working on a private viewing of an installation/exhibit of my work(but how can I propose to do so if I don't have my portfolio together?), and with the myriad of ideas for my small collection of clothes, it is overwhelming quite a bit. I am enjoying the fast pace of life that is offering me at the moment. These are all opportunities in the making.

On the bright side: I found these paintings that are quite interesting and evoke a quality of abstract, all done by Kim Manfredi. Quite inspiring I must say, eh?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Identity Crisis

A series entitled 'Identity Crisis' explore the unnerving subject of the possibilities that ensue with the oncoming repercussions.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


'Through the Passage of Time'

'The Purgatory of Ideas'

'Passages of Time and Ideas' sketch series on Moleskine, colliding with found imagery. Work that is continuing on more oil paint series soon to be unveiled.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Golden Age

Rei Kawakubo could not be anymore intimate in her collection for autumn/winter 2011. To be more personal, she gives it a go to spend her 40 years worth of collecting scarves into one shoulder dresses, jackets that stretch to extreme asymmetric.

Fading Maison

There is something going on over at the Maison Martin Margiela. An alternate universe the journalists, buyers, and loyal fans stepped into. Still, something is weird in the air. Last season, the models walked at a slow pace, wearing stiff sandwich boards in the front of the garment; that proved to be a visually arresting trompe l'oeil. Autumn/Winter '11 offered something less complex, screaming a subtle hint of intellectual sensuality, bursting at the seams, literally.

The story behind this collection is about dresses and the myriad of possibilities of how it should be worn: over or underneath a coat. Then there is the coat that had the option to be worn openly as a dress or simply hanging off the arm, much like peeling wallpaper. This "peeling" effect worked at the seams of dresses, all the way to the ruched boots. Gloves were half zipped, falling just below the knee. Fuchsia, forest green, and cream white patent leather skirts peek behind the dresses(or was it a coat?), exhibiting the "hidden behind" theme that resonates for many seasons now. Rabbit fur is transformed into a gorgeous floor sweeping skirt, matched with "peeling" silver gloves. Everyone seemed to have overlooked the ash gray silk dress, casually hanging off the neck as a scarf in an interesting placing. Don't miss the rings, nonchalantly connected with the bracelet that seem to resemble industrial type tools. The clutches that were sent out had a fold-over effect. It looked like folded up discarded leather material, remaining from the dresses.

The Maison always put on a show that toyed with the notions of disheveled looks, paired with anti-commercialism. However, it seemed to have lost some spark, magic and the weirdness in his shows; that left when the mastermind left the house. Only it's up to the team to bring it back.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So many beautiful people have entered my life lately. I wouldn't say that I met so many, but these fellow couchsurfers that crossed my path has inspired the little things in my life, such as my daily thoughts, sketching, and outlook on life. I hope the summer arrives soon so I can be up and out to travel.