Friday, February 18, 2011

France's Dilemma

I seem to be lagging behind on such important engagements and other priorities these days, maybe I'm burnt out? I am very excited about the prospect of me going off to do an academic year abroad in Western Europe, but not sure which country I plan to study in. Surely, Spain and Italy are definitely the places that focus on art history, as well as studio art. I'm part Spanish and Italian, I'd fit in very well. But to narrow down the area I want to focus on is in German Expressionism or simply modernism; clearly Germany or Belgium are cut out for me.

Seeing that I'm minoring in French and I've learned a considerable amount of French the past couple months, and still learning, it is hard to not imagine myself in Montpelier, France, soaking up all the laid-back and chic lifestyle there. Guilt. But I'll come around to this huge discussion sometime in the fall semester, hoping to get in for the spring semester. It all depends on getting my GPA from 2.9 to a 3.5 for the myriad of scholarships and grants I could be rewarded.

Enough of that, I wanted to share some new sketches I made in the last couple days. Something very simple and clean, exemplifying the daily life.

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