Thursday, December 9, 2010


Design Boom brightened my day as I continued to mope and sulk around. The flashy color grabbed my attention, elevating my mood to high level of interest. There was the occasional thought what is the purpose of this, but if it serves to brighten other people's day, an interesting and fascinating exhibition I must say.Imagine having film strip, cut, tied, and dyed in a burning fuchsia and other various shades of red, wrapping along the walls in your house. It could certainly spruce up my house, among the monochromatic furniture that offer no hope.

The former imperial abbey of Aachen-Kornelim√ľnster is the newest site for German artist Martin Pfeifle to hold this exhibition. "The installation consists of a series of long tinted film strips in six different shades of red. the strips are tied together to create a supper long band that stretches throughout one entire floor of the abbey. the band runs through doorways circling the center of the floor, while still allowing visitors to move around it."

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