Monday, December 6, 2010

Beautiful Youth

I haven't heard of Ryan McGinley until I came across his campaign ads with Italian fashion house, Missoni a couple months ago, although I remember seeing the ads in Vogue last fall and winter season. I remember thinking Whoever the photographer is, they know what the Missoni customer wants, but it could be different. McGinley creates a very free, playful style aesthetic in his commercial and artistic photography, often being provocative, yet still in the artistic context. McGinely is known for placing a less-than-subtle of free spirit rebel youths in a minimal style setting. The style of the photographs fits my vision if I were ever to express myself with photography, being that nudity makes it more bolder. Not necessarily being sexual.

McGinely had successful start into photography. He was the one of the youngest artists to have a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art, including being awarded Young Photographer Infinity Award.

'Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere' series

'Moonmilk' series

In collaboration with Missoni for the F/W '09 campaigns, McGinley still maintains his cool and free aesthetic in the minimal style shots. Missoni's color striped wool shirts, cardigans, and coats signature blends well with the artistic vision of McGinely.


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  1. Wow !!! The pictures are GREAT!!! Love your blog...keep in toch)