Saturday, December 4, 2010

Perhaps because I'm starting to turn in a different place in my life, at the moment, it may be spreading into my work. Beginning with a new medium incorporating into new artwork, I went ahead to run in a different direction - with watercolors. Usually shying away from watercolors and opting more thicker material such as oil, I wanted to examine the fluidity of watercolors and the effect of my usual charcoal figures. Working in a burnt umber shade and small use of light lemon, I fused the graphite drawing with enough water and a small dose of the colors.

It wasn't exactly the way I intended for it to work, but it definitely pleased the cloudy effect of charcoal and water. The loud hint of umber in both drawings hardened the delicate figures.

Untitled, December 2010, 6" 12", graphite and watercolor.

Untitled, December 2010, 6" x 12", charcoal and watercolor.

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