Friday, October 1, 2010

Here's To The Bleak Future.

Ann Demeulemeester is hellbent on making a woman the epitome of walking poetry, poetry that consists of geometric prints, bands of rectangular leather, serving to hold the top together. Well, it is damn good poetry I'd say. And she continues to do so every season with fresh new vibes.

There's something striking about this collection. She steered away into a sci-fi future, oozing with subtle sensuality, but isn't this what she always does? For the Spring/Summer'11, she's still going strong with monochromatic color palette and opting away from the 'If Patti Smith Were Goth' look. Model after model, quilted leather patchwork built into a funnel neckline, an element of military boleros and blazers spotted here and there. Asymmetrical skirts hiked all the way to the upper thigh, revealing a leggy woman. This all translates into a woman who knows where she's headed, taking no prisoners.

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