Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stop Buying, Start Saving.

Dame Westwood is never short of ideas, but if you come to think of it, she has so much ideas, it's really hard to pinpoint what theme she wants to be most important in her collection. She is ferociously fierce about saving the Earth's gloom future, the universal theme. Earlier this year, she made a prolific statement. She, as I imagined, shouted in protest, urging people not to shop for clothes. Whatever it may be, she clearly stated it loudly through her collection. She knows a way to have people wanting more.

For the spring/summer 2011 collection, models were smeared with a questionable white paint running from the eyelid to her hairline, brightly colored crayons naively scribble up the faces. Black tinted the lips in a Egyptian way. Clearly, there is a message through this playful makeup. But let's dive straight into the ready-to-wear. Taffeta, silk, and cotton, in every color and texture form heart shaped tops. Horizontal stripes, tie-dye effect skirts, flower prints, and her signature plaid molded spring/summer '11 into something that is deemed wearable. Let's face it, it's more about garnering attention.

I admire her political views, I really do, but sometimes when I'm admiring her collection, I think "how would this radically change politics and the environment? Could this be relevant?" Yes. It's more about being educated of Earth's gloom future in a feel good presentation. There is one thing to bear in mind, this is the future of the eco-warrior woman.

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