Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Different Spring.

Come around this spring, myriads of colors will be the center of attention on the clothes of women. Not for the Spring/Summer '11 Dries Van Noten woman. She in fact is paying little attention to colors and shape this time 'round. On the menu this season, heavily muted down colors in soft tones of pale grey, a light crisp powder blue, and sand beige. These colors were accompanied by marvelous realistic prints of flowers and other botanical plants, offered on various fabrics such as silk, taffeta, cotton and wool. And this is just the beginning. On the pants and blazers, prints of the flowers are 'washed' over by the simple monochromatic colors, and that what makes the collection is strongest point. But that is not the least of it.

It wasn't the color that concerned me, in fact I loved the blended mixture of flower prints and neutral tones. Maybe a shopping trip to the mens department will vamp up your spring wardrobe. It does get a bit tiring to see the female's body form in all of its glory, in skintight leather, silk, etc. Van Noten did well at making a bit more street casual look. Perhaps, this is the new entrance to the 'woman in power.'

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