Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Noire and New Issues.

I am really on a roll here. That is on my next project. I had this old cork board lying around my studio and I thought to myself "what life does it still have in it anyways."

Now, I'm beginning. I applied a gesso to stiffen the cork surface and yes, it worked. It has rough surface that I like to work with. Shortly after the gesso dried, I use this creamy texture acrylic to the background to evenly smooth it out and give a subtle hint of shine. The next stage of the painting for me to conquer is using oil colors in hues and tints of cream and burnt umber and apply it to a portion of the subject. The reason so is that I want to use my aesthetic (half finished looks; work in progress theme). I don't necessarily want to exemplify the use of blacks and whites as a basic color scheme when using the human anatomy. It rather has a emotional distress and detachment.

Stay Tuned.

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