Friday, September 24, 2010

It Still Works Over There.

It’s safe to say that I’m hit really hard by the recession. Meaning that I cannot afford my usual outrageous spending on clothes anymore, but that doesn’t mean I cannot make a list of the favorite pieces that I like so years down the road, I’ll find it hanging on the ‘vintage’ racks. Spring/Summer 2011 collections are being unveiled in Milan, New York City, Paris, wherever a society functions.

So far, Band of Outsiders is in the top favorites of ready-to-wear. The menswear pieces are so influential and evoke a cross of‘a night on the yacht’ get-up and a dressy outdoors man. The men’s collection jumps with joy in dark/light colors. Minimalism is clearly a theme visible to the naked eye. Yes, something in this collection will be seen in my closet, not anytime soon

For the women: sheer, sheer, sheer! The fabrics are in keeping with the spring and summer weather, albeit the exposed breasts. Finely tailored blazers, included with sleeves on or off, on a very warm color palette of taupe, concrete, ash blue, and loud tint of black. This is my idea of what a woman of true style dressing up during a warm day, amidst the crowd of women draped in the kaleidoscope of colors. Military and asymmetrical style is clearly the look the look that woman was vying for.

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