Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thought and Process.

The first post of the new year, and it begins with the livelihood writing. I am writing. I am. Free, short simplistic. I decided that for my New Year's resolutions is that I don't have any. To better put it: life is unpredictable and there is no telling which plan will ensue. Looking back on 2010, it was fortunate enough for me to endure the highs and lows, joy and subdued moods.

But to achieve my creativity level, several moleskin books will keep my stabilized in my creativity process. 'Thought and Process' is one of the book to help understand my thoughts and ideas as I work through new art. The other books are more tailored for sketching and drawing. As I approach 2011 with ease, James Jean quickly became a prominent inspiration for my sketchbooks and journals.

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