Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Cost of Vegetarianism

Okay, I'll hastily admit that I'm a broke, starving artist, college sopohmore, almost living in a library, constantly writing 15 page essays every other night. I get distracted by Facebook or catch up on current events, sometimes movies or television show reruns on Hulu.

In the midst of this everyday habit, I always get hungry working through an essay. Ignored, I'll write another four pages and it'll drive the stomach growling away from my mind. Nope, the growling comes back far more fierce and stronger than before. And this always occur before I reached my four pages. What did I eat tonight lingers in my head long enough to question reality. This becomes a mystery being so that I had no recollection of what I ate that night. To add to the complexity, I am a full-time vegetarian, maybe 65% vegan and the remaining is spent on eating the high end cheese from France and Italy, but who can resist that?!

I always do get perplexed at how I manage to get by with no money and yet, make these extravagant small dinners, prepared with the freshest and organic vegetables. I may be an extreme picky eater, but eating this way fuels my energy at school and work. It can be pricey, and I cannot stress the fact that I always have a choice to spend my rent money on a really healthy, decent meal and cut the rest of my living expenses to a small minimum. For a normal college student, a diet could only consist of fast food fried in unnecessary fats, alcohol, and cigarettes. Even before I converted into a vegetarian, none of those options appealed to me, and price wasn't even an issue.

Most peers my age, who thrive off of Jack In The Box, Taco Bell, etc. question my vegetarian restriction. "No restriction, just simplicity."

Now that I think about it, it was a change that can benefit my own well being as well as the environment. Certainly, my wallet didn't benefit much from it. Despite my own poverty (I'm being more dramatic), I certainly enjoy the hefty costs of being a vegetarian.

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