Friday, January 21, 2011


Little less than a week ago that men's Automne/Hiver 2011-12 fashion week opened in Paris, have I found myself rallying around for Junya Watanabe's ready-to-wear line for Automne/Hiver 2011-12. I could be contradicting myself as a fashion enthusiast, especially for Japanese, avant-garde artists, since I haven't seen the remainder of other designers that have not yet debuted. I'm incredibly overwhelmed at how much creativity will seep into a debut collection I'm drafting (we'll get to that part in another post) and adding some 'somber' pieces to my wardrobe.

It is very easy to sum up the theme of the collection in accurate words: college freshman in modern-day England; at least how I imagine them in my head. Varying different textures and pale grays, sephia and amber come together in a collision that paves a way for Mr. Watanabe. "No meaning," is what he describe this collection. His version makes up with Fair Isle hoodie, a parka in a khaki tone. The only colors that is really seen here is running in the printed snowflake sweaters on blazers, the most intriguing of the collection. Argyle is very subtle in the socks and visible shirts under the leather bloussons. Patchwork blazers worked well with the crisp pale cerulean button ups. Even the idea of the collection being androgynous gets me going. You can sense that Watanabe always works with experimenting with art, but that works as wearable. However, this season, he made slight, yet obvious change in street wear credentials, a folksy, coming-of-age young men.

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