Sunday, November 14, 2010


After four months of reeling in of what ma have been some 'meltdown,' I'm finally getting back on track the next couple of months. I have another semester coming up with a full schedule of art and philosophy classes, a new, but less hours job, I'm sure I'll be busy on my feet again. New art will definitely be posted very soon on my website I'm currently in the midst of.

I have a screenplay (or short story if you will) that I have been inspired by the events of this year. It is turning out great as I will get more inspiration in the following months. Oh, and I'm hugely inspired behind the plot of Black Swan, out December 3rd with Natalie Portman, turning the base premises and somewhat generating a new story for me.

I will definitely resume my drawing and paintings in a couple more days. Everything that I have been saving will be all on my website very soon.

Stay Tuned.

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