Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Good Kind of Semester.

After many drastic semesters of constant writing and 'all-nighters,' I am finally taking a break this semester to focus on myself. That actually sounds existentialist, which isn't. I realized that couldn't focus on painting and collage, writing and creating during my school. Unfortunately, when I tried, I ended up pushing schoolwork on the back burner and that cost me a lot of points.

Now, I have about four months to concentrate on finishing my short stories and essay, finish the many unfinished work of mine that lingers around my house. I have to, I need to.

I have my 21st birthday coming up in two months as well as a long list of French and German literature to read, a proposed list of foreign films to keep up with.

I'll keep you updated and I'll post my art once I'm done!


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